Multiple Personality Disorder, or Dissociative Identity Disorder, is often described as a defence mechanism that occurs when a person goes through intense trauma. It is the mind’s way of dealing with distressing events. The original MK ULTRA programming exploited this defence mechanism and used hypnotism, electroconvulsive therapy, food/water/sleep/sensory deprivation, drugs, and pleasure/pain reversals to induce ‘splitting’.

Once the split has occurred, two or more personalities can live within the same body, each one completely unaware that the others exist. In symbolism, this is seen in the fractured mirror, the duality of chequerboards, masks, and mannequins/dolls. Take a look at the below collection of photos of celebrity figures celebrating a split in their image, often taking on an alter ego which is used to promote hypersexuality, debasement, violence, corruption and the death of innocence.

In Bad Romance, Lady Gaga starts off as a wide-eyed child…

And ends up in a bed with a corpse…

Check out this video of Nicki Minaj enacting an exorcism of Roman Zolanski, an angry boy she says lives inside her. Considering the techniques of torture that are known to have happened during MK ULTRA experimentations, it makes uncomfortable footage seeing Nicki tied to a bed reminiscent of the ones they used when enforcing ECT and screaming ‘Get me out of here’.

Here’s another video of Nicki invoking Roman and also Harajuki Barbie, another of her personalities:

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