Enter the hypnotic world of MK ULTRA

Rosie Kay’s new work is a high energy, supercharged mash-up of thrilling dance, music and imagery. It is inspired by the bizarre realm of pop culture mind control conspiracies.

Rosie Kay is one of the UK’s leading female choreographers. She is renowned for her athletic movement, rigorous research and intelligent theatricality. Choreographer to the hit film Sunshine on Leith, Kay is best known for the five star award-winning 5 SOLDIERS.

What people are saying about Rosie Kay’s MK ULTRA

“Extraordinary....a super-saturated sensory feast of movement, sound and imagery”

★ ★ ★ ★ Financial Times

“Bold, slick dance piece exploring conspiracy theories and the Illuminati”

The Stage

“an unlikely but inspired pairing between choreographer Rosie Kay and documentary-maker Adam Curtis.”

Evening Standard

“an exceptionally stylish production”

The Guardian

Behind the scenes: the documentary elements

Rosie Kay is delighted to be working with television journalist Adam Curtis. MK ULTRA explores the strange and weird stories that have risen up on the internet.  Stories that millions of young people across the world have become fascinated by - as they turn away from...

Behind the scenes: the costumes

We’ve been working with in-demand designer Gary Card to create the costumes for MK ULTRA. Although he’s collaborated with top names including Stella McCartney, Lady Gaga and Topshop, these will be his first designs for contemporary dance so it has been a real treat...

Behind the scenes: the projections

MK ULTRA is a highly visual production with an eye-catching glossy aesthetic. We needed a set designer with an eye for creating a world onstage that would draw the audience into this Illuminati-led industry bubble, so we asked Louis Price, a film director experienced...

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